We asked our customers how the EROAD solution had helped transform their businesses. This was Stutzman’s response.

We are a small business with a fleet of seven trucks and nine trailers, so when the owner of the company and the EROAD salesman came into my shop to get my opinion on the devices I was a little hesitant, thinking to myself that we really weren't big enough warrant a system like this.

I was wrong! The more I learned about it the more I was onboard with the decision to give them a try. As I started installing the devices one by one in each of our trucks I also started to familiarize myself with the system and all of the options that it has to offer. To say the least, I was very impressed. 

From the maintenance end of things I now have the capability to pull service records, check mileage till next service, add completed repairs and see where all the trucks are with the click of a mouse!

The versatility of the system is incredible. In the future we plan on expanding our EROAD service into our wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers and mill equipment. I can also add vehicles and equipment to the service section that are not equipped with an EROAD device, and while obviously I don't get real-time updates or GPS tracking on the unit, it still helps me keep track of services, repairs - and my sanity! 

Weight mileage and off-road mileage is another huge benefit. Being an all-organic fertilizer company, we pick up and deliver a large amount of our product. That said, our trailers are set up for what we do, which leads to our trucks running empty very close to 50% of the time. With EROAD we are no longer paying for full weight when we are empty. Off-road mileage is another factor. We are off-road on a daily basis - whether we are picking up material at farms, delivering to customer locations or just running around in our own yard there is almost always some off-road travel and we are no longer paying taxes on it.

The drivers and office manager also are on board - no more deciphering handwriting, lost pages or bad math. The system is so user friendly and streamlined that we honestly have no idea what we did without it. It is saving us time, money and headache at every angle. EROAD is a home run in our book. 

Cody Hawks 
Shop Foreman
Stutzman Farms / J&D Fertilizer

Stutzman Farms

"With EROAD we are no longer paying for full weight when we are empty."


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Stutzman Farms / J&D Fertilizer,
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