EROAD Welcomes Minister Fletchers Announcement of Heavy Vehicle Charging Initiatives

EROAD Chairman, Michael Bushby, has welcomed the announcement today from the Australian Minister for Urban Infrastructure, the Honourable Paul Fletcher, regarding the National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot and the Business Case Program for local heavy vehicle trials. These announcements demonstrate a clear pathway and timetable towards a potential sustainable distance-based heavy vehicle road charging mechanism.

The adoption of Electric Vehicles in the freight sector is moving faster than forecasted and Tesla’s announcement that it will bring its electric semi-truck to market in 2019 further drives the need for all heavy vehicles to be contributing to the funding for road infrastructure.

Mr Bushby said EROAD would be pleased to assist the Australian Government with both the National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot and local heavy vehicle trials, and to demonstrate the heavy vehicle charging methods implemented in other jurisdictions.

We are well positioned to help on a strategic or operational level, bringing our experience in successfully deploying heavy vehicle road charging in Oregon and New Zealand, and in the recent California Road Charge Pilot.

For further information contact:
Michael Bushby
+64 9 927 4747

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